Building A Strong Economy For All Americans

  • 100% support of President’s Trump economic policies and record-breaking results that leave no community behind as the policies of previous administration.
  • Continued strong support of President Trump’s Empowerment Zones which leverages the proven success of free enterprise, for-profit economics rather than decade-old government and non-profit solutions.
  • Implement additional programs to create wealth in economically-challenged communities without additional demands on the federal budget.
  • Support a balanced budget and a realistic plan to pay down our national debt including a balanced budget amendment of our Constitution.

Make Our Schools Great!

  • Support and provide greater competition and choices in education including vouchers.
  • Support proven strategies to reduce the Achievement Gap which negatively impact students in economically-stressed communities.
  • Return greater control to state and local governments.

Lacy Will Always Fight For Israel

  • Respect our special, historical, strategic, and spiritual relationship between America and Israel.
  • Promote and respect the 1st Amendment rights of Jewish Americans to petition the government.
  • Support President Trump’s efforts to develop a comprehensive Middle East peace treaty.

Standing Up To REP. ILHAN OMAR

  • IO supports socialist and globalist agendas which are contrary to the fundamental principles of America.
  • IO is self-promoting and more concerned about national politics and being an anti-Trump celebrity than serving the people of Congressional District 5 (CD5).
  • IO has little interest in improving the lives of poor people in CD5..