Jobs Plan

For decades our leaders have promised prosperity with a steady diet of subsidies, bureaucracy and regulation that undermine real progress and economic justice. Instead of prosperity, these policies created a cycle of poverty, weaker families and struggling communities. We can generate jobs, opportunity, and wealth in our district by applying time-tested principles that combine the awesome economic power of the private sector with sound public policies that put workers and families first.

With your support, we will make the ladder to prosperity available to all by accomplishing the following:

  • ELIMINATE racial, gender and all other kinds of DISCRIMINATION in hiring. Yes, we can do this and we will do it quickly!
  • Safely ending Covid 19 restrictions will put millions of people to work nationally and at least 50,000 right in our district.
  • Encourage PRIVATE SECTOR funding for entrepreneurs who build or relocate their businesses in our district. This provides not only tens of thousands of jobs for our neighborhoods, but also builds the WEALTH OF OWNERSHIP for our residents.
  • Use and expand the 2017 Opportunity Zone legislation to attract businesses to the several designated zones. With the talented people of our community there is no limit to the number of high-paying jobs we can bring here.

Before reading how we are going to achieve this together, ask yourself two questions:

  • After decades of promises, are we reaching our potential ? How about our families, better or worse?
  • After all this time, do you think politicians BELIEVE in you? Or do they just show up every couple of years and get your vote (with unrealistic promises) and then go back to the conventional wisdom and bad results.

My plan to create prosperity together

The JumpStart Project

Even before the Corona Virus shutdown, the US labor market had problems. Over 20 million Americans were not working as a result of the 2008 financial crisis. Many of these talented people could not even get interviews because of the “gap” in their resume. On top of that, over 50 million Americans filed for unemployment during the first three months of Corona alone. That’s over 70 million people out of work compared to a labor force of 160 million.

I support and am already working on the Conservative and Private Sector driven Jump Start program to fix this problem quickly and efficiently. Jump Start works by bringing Individuals and companies together far faster than is currently possible. It provides complete visibility for each side of the market to the other and complete information about every available position. Job seekers do not even have to fill out applications or scour the market for opportunities.

Jump Start provides three critical impacts to the labor market:

  • Puts over 60 million people back to work in the first six months as the Corona lockdowns ease by accelerating hiring into all types of positions and all types of skill sets.
  • Drives a massive economic growth surge as re-employed Americans are able to spend at their normal household levels. This spending surge, in turn, drives the next wave of new job creation to handle the increased consumer demand. Economists call this effect the Virtuous Cycle of Economic Growth. I call it Prosperity for all American families.
  • Eliminates hiring biases of all types. If you cannot get interviews because of gaps in your resume caused by the 2008 crisis (or for any other reason) JumpStart’s Talent focus eliminates the problem and gets you in the door. Further, if you are a Woman, Black or Latino, you may feel you have to work extra hard to find great opportunities. If so, you are right, countless studies have shown that Woman, Black and Latino job applicants suffer up to a 50% rate of negative hiring bias simply based on their name or address. “Hiring Bias” is a statistical term, we call it what it is – discrimination. JumpStart focuses on Talent and only Talent.

While the employment impact of the JumpStart program is critical for America’s economic recovery, its ability to eliminate hiring biases is critical for America’s moral health. If all do not have full access to the American Dream, there is no American Dream.

When I am elected, I will implement the Jumpstart Program for the citizens of Congressional Direct 5. We will achieve record hiring, and Career alignment.

Entrepreneurs Investment Fund

This fund is not for just anybody with a good idea. It is specifically set up to fund Residents of District 5 who will move or relocate to selected areas of our district, and hire the talented people of our community. It is important that this effort will create tens of thousands of high paying jobs in our communities, but also because it will begin the process of generational WEALTH CREATION in our neighborhoods.

Business Opportunity Zones

This program was created in Congress in 2017 with the Leadership of Senators Cory Booker and Tim Scott. It has already driven private investment of over $16 billion in districts across the country – but none here in District 5.

For this program to work, local politicians have to believe in the value of work to their residents (not government programs). And they have to believe in the PEOPLE they represent. I believe in my fellow citizens, and I believe we can get it done.

I have been a proud North Minneapolis Resident for over 40 years. I KNOW my neighborhood and the whole district is full of talented, hard-working and conscientious people. I will proudly and aggressively showcase us to companies from around the world and bring them here with this program.