About Lacy Johnson for Congress

Why am I running for Congress?

God, my family and friends, my communities, and America have given me a good life. I want to give a maximum effort in gratitude and service to each.

There are persistent problems and issues which have gone unresolved for decades in Congressional District 5 (CD5). I have unique skills, experiences, accomplishments, and relationships to develop visible, measurable, result-focused solutions.

Solutions to reduce the stress and suffering among the families of economically-challenged neighborhoods in CD5. Solutions to address issues such as public safety and parking in the North Loop, Elliot Park, Bryn Mawr, and other urban communities. Solutions to the high costs of education and the challenges of repayment of college debt. Solutions to help ensure adequate housing.

As a recent first time grandfather, I am promoting long-term solutions which address root causes and thereby have lasting positive impacts on future generations.

I wish to bring back civility, respect, and compromise to politics and government.

With an awareness of the difficulty—and various makeups—of families, I want to always make them a focus and a priority.

I want to work hard towards achievement of the American ideals of freedom, justice, and happiness by helping each individual be the best he or she can be in the pursuit of happiness…

…with a realization that the best leaders are first and foremost servants of the people.

Lacy Johnson for Congress, Candidate for Minnesota's 5th Congressional District

Lacy Lee Johnson has been a resident of North Minneapolis for over 40 years. He believes the community and its people are among the best in Minnesota. He was born in Natchez, MS, where his mom, dad, and elders raised him, his six sisters and three brothers. Though times were economically challenging, Lacy had “a perfect childhood” and “the best public school education.” Lacy has been married to his wife Betty for 40 years with whom they raised two sons, Darien and Adrian. After studies in pre-med, math, and English at the University of Minnesota, he began an over 40-year career in information technology, systems development, and engineering as a technical writer at Hennepin County, MN. Lacy subsequently enrolled at Brown Institute and completed studies in Computer Programming. Lacy has worked for Control Data, General Electric, Bell Atlantic, and Northwest Airlines in engineering, project management, and management building computer systems for fighter jets, torpedoes, air reconnaissance systems, guided missiles, and airport kiosks. He also worked as an IT solutions consultant for Xcel Energy. Lacy has served as founder, partner, and CEO of three small businesses dedicated to the economic development, technology training, and education within inner city communities: Uniworld Business Systems, UrbanEd LLC, and currently Young Entrepreneurs of America (YEA!). Lacy also wrote, produced, and hosted a weekly radio show, “The Flipside,” which provided news, entertainment, and commentary on current events. Lacy served as start-up coordinator and interim director of New Salem Elementary Charter School dedicated to closing the so-called achievement gap in education. He relied on the experience in the Natchez school system to ensure love, high expectations, and ultimately the successful education of economically-challenged children of color. As program director at Hospitality House Youth Directions, Lacy oversaw its after school programs for inner city youth and its outreach programs for gang members. He has also served as a trustee of New Salem Missionary Baptist Church and as a volunteer speaker for Amicus prison outreach program.

He is currently Polemarch (i.e., president) of the Bloomington-Richfield Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity.