Ilhan Omar has repeatedly attacked shared American values. We must expose her extremism to the people of Minnesota.

Will you stand up for American values and support Lacy Johnson against this type of hate-speech?



Lacy Johnson has been a residentof North Minneapolis for over 40 years. He believes the community and its people are among the best in Minnesota.

He was born in Natchez MS where his mom, dad, and elders raised him, his six sisters and three brothers. Though times were economically challenging,Lacy had “a perfect childhood” and “the best public school education.”

Lacy has been married to his wife Betty for 40 years with whom they raised two sons, Darien and Adrian.


.@Twitter yesterday, we put out a series of tweets asking citizens who support my campaign against Ilhan Omar to follow us and to donate to our campaign using our secure contribution page.

Twitter deleted 3 of our tweets yesterday.

What is going on?

Republican challenger Lacy Johnson to @Ilhan Omar, has a message to 'the Squad' on Israel.

Visit to support my campaign.

Bureaucrats in Washington D.C. do not know what is best for children.

Parents and local communities know what is best for their children.

The control of our schools needs to be shifted back to state and local governments!

If politicians in D.C. can send their children to any school they wish, the American people deserve that opportunity as well.

This is why I am a strong proponent of school choice no matter a child’s zip code.

It’s time we make our schools great again!

I have been a part of the greater Minneapolis community for over 40 years.

Our community is not only among the best in Minnesota, but among the best in the USA.

The people of #MN05 deserve a leader who will fight for them. I will be that leader. 🇺🇸


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Lacy Johnson announces candidacy for MN5.

40-year Minneapolis resident Lacy Johnson has announced he will seek the Republican nomination for Congress against radical-leftist Ilhan Omar.

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