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Gold Patron ($50 - $500)

  • Regular updates on UBX and Bright Lights Podcast and place on “Special Invite” list
  • Code in to HubSpot as a “Gold Guest”

Diamond Patron ($1000 - $5000)

  • Same as “Small Donor” but has ability to call into and participate in Bright Lights Podcasts
  • Code in to HubSpot as “Diamond Guest”

Monthly Patron

  • $10 monthly contribution receives Gold Patron status above
  • $25 monthly contribution receives Diamond Patron status above

Portfolio Company Direct Investments ($25,000 and above)

  • Case by case basis
  • Priority on investors looking longer term at a UBX Ventures Fund investment
  • Documentation would be with Company directly NOT FUND

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your funds go directly to the UBX management company, which manages SEC registered opportunity zone investment limited partnerships. These funds help defray the cost of managing these investment vehicles. The UBX management company is managed by Lacy Johnson, Darrin Levine, and Larry McKenzie. For additional information, see
As a patron, you are eligible to call the BrightLights when there is a Q&A period, comment on our social media postings, and are notified of in-person events.
No. Your patron funds are not tax deductible; however, we are planning to direct our audience to selected not-for-profit giving opportunities.